Fastest Way to Lose Weight - The Top 3 Foods You Should Be Eating

In this article we will discuss the fastest way to lose weight by eating the top 3 foods your body is craving. You may not realize your body is craving one of these foods, but by adding them into your diet and consuming them regularly, you will help your body to grow and thrive and even fight off diseases like cancer, depression, diabetes and more.

1. Protein: Protein is something that is under consumed, and yet it is one of the most important foods that your body needs. Whether or not you are a vegetarian, your body needs protein, and there are many sources you can get it from. Chicken, eggs and turkey for starters, even soy, beans and nuts are excellent sources.

Many people skip breakfast in the morning, either because they are trying to lose weight, don't have the time, or simply don't think they need it. But it isn't just a saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body really needs food in the morning to start off right and protein especially will help get you through your day as well as help you lose weight.

2. Fruits: We've all heard it, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. But realistically, how many of us actually get all of our fruits and veggies in before the sun sets? Not many, but it isn't hard to fit them all in if you are eating them for snacks throughout the day rather than eating foods that aren't good for you.

3. Vegetables: The unpopular vegetable, probably the last food that ends up in our mouths. Yet, the health benefits of eating some leafy greens everyday are undeniable. Including a salad everyday (with spinach rather than iceberg lettuce) will help your body function better and it will be able to handle all of the toxins and damaging foods it gets exposed to on a regular basis. Additionally, when you make a salad and include a few of your favorite extras, you can turn a boring, icky salad into something spectacular.

Bright colored Vegetables and fruits contain phytonutrients which support our well-being and function and protect us against aging, obesity and more. It has been proven that Without these important nutrients our bodies do not function as well, aren't able to fight off diseases and feel sluggish and/or depressed. By adding some colorful foods to your diet, you will start to feel energized, lose weight and maybe even prevent cancer.

This article discussed the fastest way to lose weight and how you can become happier and thinner simply by eating enough protein, fruits and vegetables. Add these 3 basic foods into your diet and eliminate some of the bad things you eat, and you will often lose weight without even trying.